Year Open Singles Ladies Singles Masters Singles Open Doubles Ladies Doubles State Teams Event
2015 Jeremy McGuire Dencil McGifford Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Tim Wright   The Burnie Combers
2014 Cale Barrett Jenna Sampson Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Tim Wright   Waggon & Horses
2013 Anthony Adams Denise Millington Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Tim Wright   Beltana GTR's
2012 Cale Barrett Fiona Plummer David Bates Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen   The Burnie Combers
2011 Anthony Adams Fiona Plummer Wayne Elliott David Lee / Tim Wright   Foreshore Tavern Breakers
2010 Gregg Watt Fiona Plummer Wayne Elliott     Hobart Workers Club Shooters
2009 Gregg Watt Fiona Plummer Bruce Lockley     Hobart Workers Club Shooters
2008 Rick Lee Katie Martin Geoff Youd Rick Lee / Ben McCauley    
2007 Gregg Watt Pam Robertson Wayne Elliott      
2006 Gregg Watt Katie Flood Ken Worthington Les Higgins / Gregg Watt    
2005 Gregg Watt Katie Flood Wayne Elliott Not Played    
2004 Rick Lee Denise Millington Robbie Elmer Wayne Stubbs / Leigh Bennett   Cooleys Hotel
2003 Wayne Stubbs Miranda Jamieson Wayne Elliott Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer HWMC Maroon
2002 Phil Bailey Denise Millington Ron Atkins Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Shoreline Hotel
2001 Wayne Stubbs Fiona Plummer Peter Cook Gregg Watt / Damien Smith Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Mayfair Bears
2000 Gregg Watt Denise Millington Ken Worthington Wayne Stubbs / Mick Furley Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Royal Hotel
1999 Jeremy McGuire Denise Millington Bruce Lockley David Lee / Rick Lee Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Commercial Hotel
1998 Michael Hodgetts Denise Millington Terry Easther Gregg Watt / Ricky Flood Nelly Nichols / Suzi Medworth Club Hotel Hurricanes
1997 Ricky Flood Fiona Plummer   Tim Roland / Nick Verschuur Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Club Hotel Hurricanes
1996 Gregg Watt Denise Millington   Phil Hodgetts / Ron Atkins Fiona Plummer / Tracey Baylis Longford RSL Club
1995 Gregg Watt Denise Millington   Gregg Watt / Damien Smith Ronnell Brady / Denise Millington HWMC Gold
1994 Justin Van Diepen Denise Millington   David Marshall / Brian Marshall Ronnell Brady / Denise Millington Foreshore Tavern Black
1993 David Marshall Ronnell Brady   Justin Van Diepen / Gregg Watt Denise Millington / Maree Harris Park Tavern
1992 Tim Roland Fiona Plummer   Mick Hodgetts / Gary Burns Denise Millington / Tania Warren Foreshore Tavern Black
1991 Geoff Youd Ronell Brady   Warren Shaw / Peter Donati Ronnell Brady / Tracy Salter Commercial Hotel
1990 Ken Worthington Denise Millington   Mick Hodgetts / Gary Burns Ronnell Brady / Tracy Salter Waratah Hotel
1989 Les Higgins Ronnell Brady   Not Played   Granada Tavern Red
1988 Phillip Hodgetts     Warren Shaw / Ray Baker   Commercial Hotel
1987 Phillip Hodgetts     Geoff Youd / Brian Marshall   Commercial Hotel
1986 Phillip Hodgetts     Phil Hodgetts / Ken Worthington   Commercial Hotel
1985 Tony Nicholls         Newstead Hotel
1984 Phil Gibbons        
Australian National Champions