South Eastern Tasmanian Eight Ball Association


These By-laws shall remain in force until they are repealed and/or amended by the South Eastern Tasmania Eight Ball Association committee as/if necessary. All members of the SETEBA must adhere to these By-Laws.
General Behaviour
                                While attending and/or participating in any SETEBA function and/or event, SETEBA members are expected to behave in an acceptable manner.
                                The SETEBA committee will deal with any member who behaves in an unacceptable manner (i.e. excessive consumption of alcohol, sexual harassment
                                excessive bad language, uncomely behavior, etc).
                                Any player requested to attend a committee meeting is to be accompanied by their captain. The following penalties will be incurred.
                    Behaviour - Offensive (if found guilty)
                                1st Offence         2 - 4 weeks suspension from roster games.
                                2nd Offence        4 - 8 weeks suspension from roster games.
                                3rd Offence         12 months suspension from roster games.
                    Behaviour - Serious (if found guilty)
                                1st Offence         12 months suspension from roster games
                                2nd Offence         Life suspension from SETEBA
                    Sexual Harassment (if found guilty)
                                1st Offense         12 months suspension from roster games.
                                2nd Offence         Life suspension from SETEBA
The last two (2) Offences, Serious Behavior and Sexual Harassment, must be viewed in the extreme as the defendant and the SETEBA could be involved in further legal proceedings. E.g. charges laid civil action, etc. The SETEBA would be in breach of its Duty of Care to its players and sponsors, if anything less than serious action were at least seen to be taken. Where legal action has been taken by one party, the SETEBA shall wait until these proceedings have come to a conclusion before deciding what penalties it shall pass down.
Any player/member who puts the SETEBA and its committee into a situation that brings the Association into disrepute, e.g. child molestation, major sexcrimes, etc. will be removed from any or all positions held and the SETEBA will suspend the player from playing until the conclusion of all legal proceedings.
Umpiring Decisions
Should a player disagree with an umpiring decision, he/shecanrequest an immediate stop to the game to enable the respective captains to be called. If an agreeable outcome cannot be reached afterthe captains have been called, the umpire/s shall contact the SETEBA adjudicator’s asnominated by the SETEBA committee.
Score Sheets
All score sheets must be posted or emailed to the Association Publicity Officer by the HOME CAPTAIN no later than 6 p.m. on the Friday night following Wednesday’s matches.
Serious Tampering with Score Sheets
               1st offence       Forfeit of any score, $25 fine, suspended 2 games
                               2nd offence      12 months suspension
                               3rd offence       Life suspension
Teams or individuals that are proven to lose deliberately will be excluded from all results.
All fines are to be paid within 14 days or further action will be taken.
Game Forfeits and Redraws – B Grade
In B Division, which presently uses the 21 game formats - three (3) rounds of seven (7) frames; a team must have a minimum of 5 players to avoid a total match forfeit in any given match.
Note: If a team has 6 players available that team shall be allowed to redraw 1 player in each round but it must be a different player in each round, no player can be redrawn more than once. If the team has 5 players there can be one (1) redraw and one (1) forfeit in each round. Should a forfeit be necessary, the game forfeited must be the last game listed, for the Home Team this will be the 7th game of each set, for the Away Team it shall be game No 7 of the first set, then wherever the 7th game is to be played in the rotation of the away team.
There are no Redraws in the Premier League division.
If the format of 32 singles matches isbeing played, as in the Premier League – four (4) rounds of eight (8) frames a team needs at least 6 players to avoid a total match forfeit, should a team forfeit a total of three (3) matches in any one (1) roster, that team shall be withdrawn from the competition. Teams that have been withdrawn prior to end of the roster matches (excluding finals) shall be seen to have never been in the roster, so therefore all match results involving the withdrawn team shall also be withdrawn.
There shall be no Redraws in the Finals for any Division.
Games Formats
                                 Each divisions playing formats will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
                                 Premier League starting time is 7.30pm.
                                 Premier League venues must be two (2) table venues.
                                 B Grade starting time is 7.30pm execpt where it is a one table venue then start time will be 7.00pm.
Match Forfeits
Any team receiving a full forfeit, the score sheet must be completed as normal, with names of those in attendance, and posted or emailed to the Association Publicity Officer.
Where a team in A Grade wins by forfeit the winning team shall receive a frame count of 17 – 0, the team that forfeits will receive a frame count of 0 – 32
Where a team in B Grade wins by forfeit the winning team shall receive a frame count of 11 – 0, the team that forfeits will receive a frame count of 0 - 21
Finals Qualifications
Players must have played in at least 11 roster matches (11 separate nights, playing at least one (1) frame each night) in the current roster to have qualified to play in any finals match for that particular roster.
Protests regarding the results of a game or match will only be recognized if they are in written form and in the hands of the SETEBA Secretary within 72 hours of the event for which the protest is in reference to.
Anyperson, requested to attend meeting, from any protest, must be given 7 days written notice of such meeting/request.
Failure to attend a committee meeting, on request will incur suspension from any eight ball game until such time as a full committee meeting is attended.
SETEBA Championships’
               All SETEBA events shall be played under a format as specified by the SETEBA Committee.
               Failure to attend any championship (after nominating) conducted by the Association.
                               1st offence       $10 fine, suspended from roster games until the fine is paid
                               2nd offence      $20 fine, suspended as above
                               3rd offence       not accepted for championships.
Other Associations
No SETEBA player can play for two (2) different Associations on any one (1) night. Should this occur, this player will automatically become unregistered arid ineligible to play for SETEBA for the remainder of that roster.
World Rules
All competitions, (weekly rostergames, representative games, championships. etc.), shall be played under the rules as set down by the ‘World Eight Ball Pool Federation” & sanctioned by the Australian Eight Ball Federation Inc & EightBall Tasmania Inc. The committee can, under the guidance/advice of the Australian Head Adjudicator, alter these competition rules if necessary/required.
                Coaching in the Premier League is not permitted. (See Coaching Fouls below).
Coaching in Lower Division
Is permitted in the first round of the new season (if voted in at Annual General Meeting) but only as follows -
Should a player require advise/coaching, he may call for his/her captain, but only after he advises the umpire of his/her intention. NO time out will be given for this request. The player must use the above procedure each and every time he requires advice/coaching. At no time during this coaching is the Captain permitted to touch the table. Should the player neglect to follow the above procedure the umpire shall be impelled to call “foul, two (2) visits” on the offending player, should any team member/s other than the captain be deemed to be coaching, a foul shall be called. (See coaching fouls below).
Coaching Fouls
During a frame, a player is required to play without receiving any advice from other persons relating to the playing of the frame. Should a team member or bona fide supporter of a player offer advice, the referee will issue a “First and Final Warning” to that person that a repetition will result in the player being penalized via a Standard Foul. Because it may not always be possible for the referee to hear if a statement made to a player is advice, the referee may issue the Firstand Final Warning on the grounds That any statement made to a player, other than general barracking, IS deemed to be coaching. In a Championship event a First and Final Warning may be given once only, before the commencement of the days play, as a block warning to all players and spectators. The SETEBA Committee must authorize any “Block Warning”.
Playing in two (2) Divisions
Any player that plays in two grades i.e. B Grade and Premier League in the same year must after playing 3 games in the Premier League, they must remain in the higher grade for the remainder of the season.
New Teams
Any new team entering the SETEBA will join at the lowest grade, however if in the opinion of the full committee they are above this level they will be placed at a higher level of competition.
The Break             The breaks are now listed on the score sheets home team breaks first, with the break rotated every round.
Illegal Drug Policy
Any SETEBA member that hasbeen found guilty of taking/using any illegal drugs while attending or participating in any SETEBA function or event will be answerable to the SETEBA committee. (As set down by the Australian Eight Ball Federation Inc.)
National Team Duty
If game is unable to be played due to member’s participation in National Team, a catch-up game is to be played before the last game of the roster.
EightBall Tasmania Events
SETEBA members wishing to participate in EightBall Tasmania events (Singles, Doubles, Teams, etc) must have played in at least five (5) official SETEBA roster matches (in the current roster) prior to the date listed for the nominated event. SETEBA members participating in EightBall Tas events are required to abide by the EightBall Tasmania rules and regulations. SETEBA members breaching these rules and regulations will be accountable to SETEBA Committee.
Financially assisted SETEBA members selected to play in the Tasmanian State Team are required to reimburse the SETEBA all monies paid to assist them should they be found in breech EightBall Tasmania rules and regulations at such events.
Affiliation fees
The affiliation fees for every season will be set at the AGM. All teams must pay a $50 deposit at the AGM and have their affiliation fees paid in full before the start of the second round of competition for them to remain financial.