The Shoreline Hotel 8 Ball Club is a foundation member of the SETEBA. The club was formed in 1968 and they won their first A Grade premiership in the SETEBA in 1975. Two members of that inaurgual premiership winning team are still playing in the SETEBA, one of these players was their 1st ever Premiership Captain - Peter Nichols who still plays with the Shoreline White and has done so since the formation of the club in 1968, the other player was their 1st ever Vice Captain - Johnny Finch who now plays with the Village Green Bears. The Shoreline 8 Ball Club is still going strong after 43 years and are again fielding three (3) teams in the South East roster, over the past ten (10) years the A Grade side has won 5 premierships and been runner up in another three (3) missing out on playing in the grand final only twice, and in those they lost in the preliminary finals, a great effort. Many of their present players have been associated with the club for many years, as can be seen by the team lists below for teams that have won SETEBA premierships and other honours in the South East. Also over the years some great players have played for the Shoreline, as can be seen below.

1975 "A" Grade Premiers
Peter Nichols (Capt), John Finch (VCapt), Greg Maxwell,
Keith RoussonPeter Vaughan, Bill Johnson, K Bola,
G Medbury, N Escourt M Hayes, F Hathnser, R Jennsen
1976 "A" Grade Runner Up
Dave Wettenhall (Capt), Kevin Moorecroft, (V/Capt), Peter Nichols
Steve Carroll, F Bac, Barry Milburn, S Mulchay, George Nomikos
Don Casboult, J Doran, T Bell & G Linton
1977 "A" Grade - Runner Up
1979 "A" Grade - Runner Up
1980 "A" Grade - Premiers
1981 "A" Grade - Premiers
1882 "A" Grade - Premiers
1983 "A" Grade - Runner Up
Peter Nichols (Capt), Steve Eastley (V/Capt), Don Casboult, J Don
Wayne Goldsmith, M Williams, M Johnston, Bill Johnston
Joe Corney, M Sheilds, M Maher, Max Wessing, K Don
1984 "A" Grade - Runner Up
P Keny (Capt), Peter Nichols (V/Capt), Greg Maxwell, Bill Johnston
V Thompson, John Finch, P Holloway, Mick Williams, Don Casboult
Wayne Goldsmith, P Bennett
1985 "A" Grade - Runner Up
Peter Nichols (Capt), Don Casboult (V/Capt),P Holloway, K Devine
Wayne Goldsmith, John Finch, Peter Vaughan, Joe Corney
Bill Johnston, Ricky Quarrell, P Bennett
1989 "A" Grade - Runner Up
1991 "A" Grade - Runner Up
Peter Nichols (Capt), C Quinn (V/Capt), M Roach, John Finch
Don Casboult, Bill Johnston, Greg Maxwell, Max Wessing
P Bennett, Glenn Wessing, Mozzie Keating, I Crowther, Tim Rolands
Eric Mathews, Derek Patmore, T Jefferies , Jill Johnston